Welcome to Calvary United Methodist

Our vision: to be a beacon of God's love. Our mission, to grow and show the love of Christ.


United Methodists trust free inquiry in matters of Christian doctrine. Out faith is guided by Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. Of paramount importance is Scripture. For United Methodists, the Bible is the record of God’s people living out God’s promise.

United Methodists Are…

…involved, committed, diverse, open. A people who try to be accepting, caring, hospitable and inclusive. Family- and community-oriented. A people who are concerned about those beyond their communities, around the world. Active in mission, responsive. A people who love music, church suppers, and a sense of community. Initiators, with a history of creating ministries related to education, employment, health and other issues. A people who like to tell the story of God’s redeeming grace.

United Methodist are mission-oriented and socially conscious. This is important to our faith. We are aware of world events and strive to help those in need. United Methodists are one in faith and tradition with Methodist Christians around the world. Through the World Methodist Council, Methodists from 68 member churches cooperate in support of ecumenical, educational, evangelical, and other ministries.


Worship Times

Sunday Worship

  • Early Service
  • 8:30 am
  • Late Service
  • 10:45 am

Sunday School

  • 9:30 am


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Daily Devotional

Upper Room

Contact information

Calvary United Methodist
220 West Burke Street
Martinsburg, WV
E-mail: info@ calvaryum@frontier.com
Tel.: (304) 267-4542
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